The power of over 40 science degrees in every bottle.

It was created by experts

It was created by experts

Ryde: was developed by a team of smart people with expertise in molecular biology, neuroscience and behavioural psychology (easier to say once you've had a Focus shot).

It’s scientifically backed

Key ingredients in our Ryplenish™ formulations are backed by scientific studies - including randomised controlled trials, widely considered the 'gold standard' of scientific evidence.

It contains delicious science

Our smart combinations contain key active ingredients to provide the right effect when you need it. And all of this in tasty shots.

It's the stuff in your coffee and tea that helps you feel more awake. Our caffeine comes from Guarana seeds.

It might just be a humble plant but Ginseng has been used in Asia for thousands of years to support wellbeing.

You'll find B-vitamins in lots of foods you already eat. B-vitamins play an important role in many processes within the body - including energy production.

This is also found in tea, and helps you relax. Studies suggest L-Theanine can also help support focus, particularly when combined with caffeine - that's worth remembering.

Chamomile has traditionally been used to help people relax.

Lemon balm is great when you need to unwind.

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